Ryan Truman

My life at Capgemini

I have been at Capgemini Consulting for 18months, working as an Associate Consultant in the Business Technology and Innovation (BTI) practice. The BTI Academy provided me with the perfect environment to learn about emerging technologies and their Impact on businesses.

In my time here, I have worked primarily in financial services. I now feel most comfortable working in the digital banking space, having worked for one of the UK’s largest banks on a cloud computing project. I joined this project not knowing anything about cloud, other than it magically lets me access my old photos when I get a new phone. However, thanks to the support of some of my colleagues in BTI, I have now successfully designed and built multiple cloud solutions.

I believe that I have grown over the past year and half massively. Capgemini empowers individuals to solve problems their own way, helping me bring my strengths to the table while also improving on my weaknesses

 A day in the life

Most days, I wake up grab my bag and leave the house at 06:30 to get the tube to the gym, going to the gym before work has been a game changer for me as it means you can completely dodge the rush hour tube.

I grab a shower and walk to the office for 08:30 with breakfast and a coffee. I am currently working on a cloud project at a major retail bank, our project delivers multiple cloud platforms to the bank for developing applications and software. I meet with our client at 09:00 for a check in, as I am currently leading a business development workstream, our day to day progress is very important.

My role is incredibly varied. I am responsible launching multiple initiatives from start to finish, therefore strategy and planning is a large part of the role. I spend a lot of time meeting with customers, colleagues and stakeholders to inform our decisions and discuss potential plans. However, it is not unusual for me to find myself working with developers writing code, or work with  our finance team on some modelling. There is a good group of graduates on my project and if we get the time, we often head up to the roof terrace and have a round of mini golf with our lunch.

Between 17:00 and 18:00 my day working for my client usually ends. I am currently studying for the AWS Solutions Architect qualification, so at this point in my day I either spend an hour studying or I will catch up on some internal work. My internal work is primarily building prototypes for the BTI labs. In the labs I have built infrastructure for a blockchain invoicing solution; and a natural language processing system that analyses tweets for emotion.

I finish the day at around 19:00 and go to my Jiu-jitsu club for some sparring. Then head home and cook my food for the next day and watch an episode or two of whatever tv programme I am currently in to (currently it’s Suits).

Places I’ve been

In June, IBM invited 6 Capgemini Blockchain Consultants to Montpellier France, to learn about IBM’s newest iteration of their blockchain products HyperLedger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric. Over 3 days: we attended a seminar with consultants from all over Europe from every firm you can name; worked through some expert guided labs on building out a Blockchain use case; and finished up with dinner and drinks on the beach!

Regarding Projects I have worked on, the only place outside of London I have currently worked is Halifax Yorkshire. Halifax is a small town, close to Leeds, where not a lot really happens. It might not have been as glamorous as Montpellier, but it was a great opportunity to get to know some of my colleagues. The graduates made a weekly ritual of a Tuesday Night Nando’s and would often go for a meal and drinks with the wider team on a Wednesday night too. Furthermore, it was a good chance to escape the hustle of London and get some fresh air in the countryside.

Highlights so far

My main highlight would have to be working in the BTI Labs. I think they are a fantastic opportunity to learn and play around with technology that most people can’t even pronounce. They can be a little bit of a trial by fire, as almost everyone in the team will be sailing in unchartered waters. However, once you are past the initial anxiety of not knowing what you are doing, you learn about technology at a pace that you never thought was possible. In the labs, delivered products and therefore learned about blockchain, natural language processing and cloud computing.

Personal Life

As mentioned in my day in the life section, weight training is a massive part of my life. I competed in Powerlifting going to a national championships three times, with a fourth place being my best finish.

Recently, I have stepped away from competing in powerlifting as I have fell in love with Jiu Jitsu. I started training at Roger Gracie’s Academy in Farringdon. Arguably the best academy in the England and it’s less than 100m from the Holborn office! Unlike other martial-arts or fight sports, Jiu Jitsu training is mainly sparring. I think the sparring gives you a great chance to clear your mind and although you might feel a bit banged up sometimes, it’s a great reset button to have. Just make sure you get the company health insurance if you take it up!

Outside of sports, I am really in to computer games. I built my own gaming computer from individual parts back when I was at university and I have spent more time than I probably should admit late at night playing video games.

Ryan Truman

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