Jennifer Day

Software Engineer Lead, Microsoft team

Each client is different - I like that variety, I like meeting and talking to new people.

Jen is a Software Engineer Lead in the Microsoft team. She has been writing code as a job for over 20 years – and many years before that,  as a hobby; starting with Basic and VB6.0. She progressed to working with .NET, mainly working with SharePoint. She is currently starting to work with more with technologies like Dynamics 365, Azure, PowerApps and Flow as well as studying for an MSc in Software Engineering.

Why do you stay at Capgemini?

I have worked at Capgemini for almost 4 years, and I like the variety of clients and projects that we work with, the mix of different people that I get to meet and the different technologies that we get to use. Working in different places keeps it interesting too. There are opportunities to move around, or to work with different areas; so I’m happy to carry on working here and seeing where it takes me.

What do you enjoy about consulting?

Much like my reasons for staying at Capgemini, each client is different – I like that variety, I like meeting and talking to new people and I also like trying to solve a puzzle. Working away, and exploring the different places that we stay in is also something I enjoy doing – there’s never a dull day.

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to do triathlons, marathons and cycling – I love just being out and about, and may not be fast, but just enjoy keeping active. I am also studying for an OU MSc, which takes up some time, but is going well. I have a microlight pilots licence too, although don’t have much time at the moment to fly, although will look to get back to that once the MSc has finished.

Jennifer Day