Georgia Ivey

Associate Consultant, Joined - October 2019

Describe your experience on the Accelerate Programme in 3 words.

Learning, Supportive, Interesting

What has been the most surprising aspect of your work?

I am currently working on a public sector project and the complexity of the work that we are doing has really surprised me. I’ve enjoyed the learning experience and the challenges that come along with it. It has also been great to see all of the innovative solutions that we are involved with and implementing in government departments.

What else do you get involved in internally at Capgemini Invent?

I’m part of the Visual Analytics and Storytelling Team within IDE so love building BI dashboards (e.g. using Tableau or Power BI) to display data in a more visually appealing and easy to interpret way.

Also enjoy getting involved with any graduate related events, currently working within the recruitment team to bring new grads into the company.

Georgia Ivey