Fionn Lehane

Associate Consultant, Joined - August 2020

What stood out to you about the Accelerate Programme?

The investment in training, particularly through the intensive induction and professional qualifications; the variety of experience we would be exposed to; and the ethics and values of Capgemini Invent as a whole.

What piece of advice would you give to a university student seeking a role in consulting?

Attend insight evenings, network with people relevant to your career aspirations, gain as much work experience as possible. Also be sure that you are the right fit for a career in consulting as every day is different and you may be required to travel quite a lot for client work.

What has been the best part of your work? What has been the most challenging?

The best part of work has been the people. The induction process means you bond very quickly with other graduates which is great. Also, people from the wider business are very supportive and always offer you their time.

Working virtually has been the most challenging aspect. Although this does have some benefits such as (e.g. having the opportunity to network with people you wouldn’t be able to in the office by dropping time in their diary), it’s a lot harder to reach out and ask for help. In a ‘normal’ environment, there would be people all around who you could quickly ask a question, but it feels like a bigger deal to reach out and ask for help in a virtual environment.

Fionn Lehane