Ekhor Asemota

I have worked on a range of projects with each project leveraging unique sets of technologies

Ekhor is a developer, specialised in Microsoft technologies. He started coding with VB 6.0 and has naturally progressed to VB.NET and C# which is the coding language he is most passionate about. His PHD in Artificial Intelligence is something he is particularly proud of.

Ekhor has published a number of papers (some collaborations) such as A UAV-cloud system for disaster sensing applications;


What are the projects like?

I have worked on a range of projects with each project leveraging unique sets of technologies. I would say they have all been interesting. The Capgemini brand is very strong and attracts work from numerous industries such as legal, finance and public sector. In each project, I always learn something new and this is very important to me.

What do you get out of being mobile?

By being mobile I have access to the variety of clients and projects across multiple industries which keeps the job interesting and enjoyable. By learning to adapt to different projects, I am constantly enhancing my own understanding about best practices, team dynamics, technology and problem resolution. A static role may not offer the excitement, variety and learning experiences which mobile roles offer.

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside work, I dabble in games programming. While I have played with XNA Framework in the past, current focus is on Unity. I also explore philosophical ideas and history. Both YouTube and Google seem to provide an endless source of inspirations for these hobbies.

Ekhor Asemota

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