Anirban Bhattacharya

Integration architect

For me what makes an organisation great is the culture and how it treats the people

Anirban has over 14 years of experience in integration with customers across the globe.  He likes to build a lasting relationship with customers – from suggesting the right approach and technologies, through to active involvement throughout delivery. Anirban is an experienced team leader, has great breadth and depth of knowledge about various digital and integration technologies and is passionately committed to his customers’ success.

Why did you join Capgemini?

For me what makes an organisation great is the culture and how it treats the people.  Before joining Capgemini, I had heard from many people – from the leadership right the way down to new graduate and apprentice joiners – who were impressed by the attitude here.  There’s a wide variety of opportunities to get involved and contribute, plus great scope to learn and grow my career.  As a result, I felt this is the an organisation I’d like to be associated with.

What are your interests outside of work?

My 4-year old son keeps me busy most of the time outside my work. Other than that, I enjoy travelling and reading books. I also like to watch movies and participate in different sports as and when time permits.

Why should others join the Capgemini Integration Architecture team?

Integration Architects at Capgemini get opportunities cutting across all sectors and technologies.  There is lots of emphasis on learning and career development as well, which is great for both junior or experienced architects. People with right sort of background and attitude who wants to work with latest technologies and be involved with challenging digital transformation programs should find working in this team both enjoyable and rewarding.

Anirban  Bhattacharya