Virtualisation: A foundation of cloud

IT-as-a-Service reduces costs and provides self-managed virtual infrastructure without compromising control. Virtualisation is the first step in the transformation towards IT-as-a-Service, laying the foundation for cloud computing through an agile and efficient infrastructure.

Virtualisation is applicable across the desktop, storage, server, network and applications environments. By providing a more efficient way for the business to access IT-as-a-Service, virtualisation enables organisations to rapidly respond to challenges and opportunities in their marketplace.

Capgemini has developed services for clients at all stages of the virtualisation journey:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service: cloud-based managed services that deliver compute and storage capacity to thousands of end users
  • Intelligent Workplace: a comprehensive approach to end-user services, leveraging Desktop-as-a-Service platforms and facilitating bring-your-own-device approaches

Our Virtualisation Services

Capgemini has developed a thorough approach to guide you through the three key phases of virtualisation:

Analysis and Discovery:

  • Evaluating assets, staffing levels, activities, skills, and provided, required and projected services

Planning and Architecture:

  • Prioritizing areas for virtualisation
  • Determining whether there are some applications that cannot be virtualised
  • Constructing a business case around proposed solutions
  • Re-evaluating continuity and security
  • Planning for migration and implementation
  • Testing the virtualised design


  • Deploying the planned solution
  • Making improvements and changes
  • Tracking benefits to prove the business case
  • Monitoring service quality
  • Auditing security and continuity

Delivering Real Results with Virtualisation

Capgemini helps its clients realise the business benefits of separating IT hardware from the services it supports through virtualisation. We have used our expertise to help an electronics giant benefit from reduced IT costs and increased flexibility. We also helped a large media firm to virtualise 90% of the applications running on its servers, removing over two thirds of machines.