Store Associate X.0

Retailers are in front of a complex dilemma: answering shopper demand for personalised, tailored recommendations while facing decreasing margins, high store associate turnover, and overall staff reductions. What if the answer to retailers’ problems could lie in digitally enabling store associates… Both shoppers and store associates are frustrated with the experience provided in brick-and-mortar:

  • 60% of shoppers find no one to assist them in stores1
  • 64% of shoppers rate the lack of in-store associate guidance and demos as a top frustration
  • Time and attendance are the most common cloud / mobile-enabled functionalities; other functionalities still reside on spreadsheets or on paper

Large retailers such as Walmart are seeing the benefits of digitally enabling their store associates. During Walmart’s latest shareholder meeting, workforce initiatives were front and center, including on-the-go access to scheduling and a new, engaging training curriculum via virtual reality and video games


The Digital Associate is a web-based application connecting to:

  • The retailer’s workforce management and CRM software
  • Relevant external APIs (e.g., location-based weather, events)
  • In-store trackers, such as beacons or mobile passive sniffers

Built with Intel technologies, and running on Google Cloud and Google IoT Core, the solution is accessible from any mobile platform (e.g., mobile phone, tablet) and website.



The Smart Digital Store – Store Associate X.0 creates brand ambassadors

The Digital Associate solution turns store associates into brand ambassadors and drives sales with on-the-go performance data, assigned tasks, shopper location, product information, customer behavior profiles and tools to engage customers on a more personal level.