SAP Roadmap and Business Case Services

More than 30 years of experience with SAP software across many industries gives Capgemini a unique awareness of the latest functionality available, the opportunities it offers, and the challenges involved in implementing it.

We offer a framework that quickly identifies your needs and aligns them to the options available. That combination of awareness and methodology puts us in a unique position to help you review your SAP strategy, find solutions that make sense to your organisation, and ensure you realise the benefits.

Reasons to develop an SAP Roadmap

Does the latest technology offer opportunities for you to generate competitive advantage? Can you simplify your processes to achieve increased efficiency and so increase shareholder value? Is your current set-up constraining your business performance and future plans? Perhaps you’re noticing some of these warning signals:

  • New, disruptive market entrants with different business models eroding your market share.
  • Reduced customer satisfaction in traditional channels and new channels appearing, leading to difficulty gaining a “single view of the customer” and their needs.
  • Increasing availability of supply chain related information providing a challenge around storage but an opportunity to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Challenges employing, training and retaining key resources in an increasingly competitive talent market.
  • A “reconciliation culture” in back-office functions, leading to excessive cost and headcount.

All these are good reasons to consider developing an SAP business case driven roadmap, and it makes sense to look at the latest technologies.


How we develop your roadmap

In just a few weeks we can help you develop a roadmap for implementation and business transformation, and build a business case to support it. Our work is accelerated by a framework developed by our experts over a number of years and customised for each industry. The framework means we already know about your industry’s challenge areas so we can immediately focus on your organisation’s specific needs.

Our approach has two main phases:

1.  Workshops with your leadership and key business and IT resources to identify the major areas of concern for your business, plus the benefits you can expect from the latest technologies.

2.  We work with you to provide further business case development support and/or a proof of concept.

Following this exercise, you will know which components might best fit your needs and strategy, and will have a roadmap for implementing it and using it to transform your business.


Why Capgemini?

Our highly experienced SAP Business Consultants and Architects have unrivalled insights into the SAP products and the roadmaps for their future development and how they can deliver benefits to our customers. The prestigious awards we have received for our work underline our leadership in this space.