Capgemini’s Digital Employee Transformation services help you get the best out of moving your HR activities to the cloud. Our advice, guidance and expertise regarding both cloud and the HR products market ensure you get the HR capabilities you need to stay competitive and accelerate your move to digital.

SAP’s cloud-based HR tools are ideal for many organisations, whether or not they already use SAP. Capgemini offers an approach to help you implement and use these tools, and effectively transform your HR organisation for a digital world.


Moving to a digital mindset

There has never been such a thing as a plug-and-play HR system, and the same is true of SaaS offerings. In addition to making process changes, you’ll need to move to a digital way of thinking that may take your organisation by surprise.

Our Digital Employee Transformation services can help you achieve that new way of thinking. Drawing on many years of HR and digital experience, we’ll guide you through the process of preparing for and implementing a SaaS HR system, always following our maxim: “Run Simpler, Run Faster, Run Better”.


Four key elements of Digital Employee Transformation

  1. Achieving operational excellence. We can help you review your organisation to pinpoint areas for improvement and put in place strategies and processes to make the most of the world of digital.
  2. Catering for a diverse workforce. Different demographic groups within the workforce need different things. We’ll help you understand these differences and design digital paths to suit each group.
  3. Transforming the talent process. Attracting and retaining staff is of paramount importance to many organisations, but it can be challenging to make the most of the offerings available. We help you pick the right solutions and optimise your processes to take advantage of them.
  4. Deploying employee analytics. A range of analytics tools is available to help you achieve your objectives in each HR area, as well as across the HR landscape and the whole enterprise. We help you define your needs, understand what’s on offer and make the right choices – so you get not just an analytics solution to support your immediate needs, but a strategy for moving it forward into the future.

Success story

Recently, Capgemini helped a leading engineering company transform its talent management by implementing SuccessFactors alongside an existing SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) capability. Capgemini created a pragmatic, cost-efficient implementation approach that addressed the need to replace legacy applications as quickly as possible, but also minimised disruption to the annual performance management cycle.

Benefits of Digital Employee Transformation

Cost savings

  • Decreased staff turnover owing to a happier workforce
  • More jobs filled internally through succession planning
  • Fewer low performers, hence a more efficient workforce

Stronger strategic alignment

  • More time to spend on strategic priorities
  • Faster communication of strategy
  • Training better matched to business needs

Improved productivity

  • Greater overall productivity
  • More high performers
  • Better rates of project completion

Better business returns

  • Revenue added back to profit