Across fashion, grocery and all retail merchandise offerings, customers have come to expect more choice – not just in the range of products available, but also the flexibility of shopping across all channels from traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ high street and out of town shopping centres to online – at home, in the office at home, both with their PC or laptop and smartphone mobile ‘on the go’. Customers demand the same experience whether they are shopping in a physical location, or in the digital world. They want the same assortment of goods, at the same price, and with the same promotions. To survive and thrive in the 21stCentury world, retailers must embrace new technology and satisfy the demands of Omnichannel – offering a seamless end to end customer journey and providing goods to the customer at an optimised cost to their supply chain whilst keeping their customers happy and loyal to the brand. Knowing your customer is key – if retailers can analyse past shopping habits and use customer insight to predict future shopping habits, they can ensure they are ahead of their competitors and always have the right product available at the right time, at the optimum cost. Information is essential – both for the customer and for all the organisation as a whole. Up to the minute sales analytics for a Store Regional Manager on the road, real time availability for customers on line and in store, and product information delivered via ‘internet of things’ technology linking ERP data with in store and online customer facing opportunities.

Beyond Core Merchandising

Retailers must have a core merchandising solution to manage their merchandising, ordering, replenishment, allocation, and sales. Capgemini have many years of experience deploying SAP’s ERP industry solution for retail. Many retail clients have benefitted from Capgemini helping them to move disparate legacy systems onto a single SAP IS Retail platform – immediately providing a more efficient supply chain, financial accuracy, inventory visibility and one version of the truth. As SAP Retail has kept evolving to keep abreast of the latest trends, Capgemini have also helped retailers upgrade their systems periodically to take advantage of the latest improvements. SAP’s investment in their in-memory high performance database, HANA, is particularly suited to the retail industry, as retail traditionally consumes large amounts of data. Running supply chain replenishment calculations on HANA across all stores, for example, is notably faster on a SAP IS Retail system run on an in memory HANA database. But the list of IT solutions required by the retail industry in the 21st century goes beyond what an ERP system can offer. Clients require sophisticated CRM solutions to help analyse customer shopping trends and provide real time insight and customer specific marketing and campaigns, they require planning and replenishment solutions to help them plan supplier orders both in the short and long term, they require both macro and micro space planning tools and tools to plan Assortments, they require sophisticated promotion and price planning tools to optimise sales and profit margin, and they require both in store and online selling systems that are aligned and provide the customer with exactly the same experience . All of these solutions need to be integrated so that there is a single version of the truth and a seamless end to end process and sharing of data. Alongside this, retailers need to integrate the whole picture with what’s going on outside their organisation, including insight from social media feeds like Twitter. SAP provides a system called CAR (Customer Activity Repository) that is the foundation and repository for all data across a range of systems. The data can then be consumed by other systems to ensure consistency across the organisation. One forecast is provided and used by Assortment Planning, Merchandise Planning, Replenishment & Allocation and Promotion Planning solutions. One single view of real time inventory is provided to all systems that need the data, across stores, online and warehousing. A single view of pricing, product range, and most importantly – customer. Capgemini now have many years’ experience delivering SAP HANA based solutions for retail clients – both on cloud and on premise. We also have experience delivering and exploring Omnichannel solutions.

Run Simpler

Now you can achieve the business benefits right away, as we move away from monolithic large-scale implementations. Instead, we will help you build a roadmap, and deploy through a simpler and faster cycle of continual improvement across all of your business. This more agile and collaborative process takes into account your specific starting point, your immediate business issues and opportunities, and defines a clear course to get you where you need to be. Because the sooner running your business becomes simpler and more responsive, the better.

Run Faster

Capgemini can now help you run your business faster and more responsively. We will give you real-time understanding of your data, and the agility to take advantage of this greater insight into your customers, your products, your employees and your markets.

Run Better

At Capgemini we build better futures for our clients, implementing solutions in ways that give them radically more control over their business and more responsiveness to their customers.

Running Today

This new thinking is transforming the way we at Capgemini approach our business, too. The move away from monolithic implementations means we are better able to focus on the business benefits for our clients that come from a more distributed, faster cycle of continual improvement. This makes the process even more collaborative, constantly refining the way we work with and for our customers. So Capgemini can help you run your business faster, simpler and more responsively. We can give you more control over your total expenditure and a more efficient operation. And we can give you real-time understanding of your data, and the agility to take advantage of this greater insight into your customers and market trends. This is how the business of tomorrow will be run.


SAP has been at the heart of business IT for a long time. So much so that many of their customers take them for granted with little recent activity to evolve their solution Not any more. SAP have used their deep understanding of integrated business processes, big data and the emerging connectivity culture to pivot in a new direction with their latest cloud and in-memory computing technologies and applications. And these offer fundamentally new opportunities for businesses. However, all this new business process and analytical power needs to move out of the IT department, and into the boardroom. This is where Capgemini comes in.

Why Capgemini

Capgemini have been involved in Retail since 1969, supporting a number of retail clients in preparing for and managing major business transformation programmes as well as supporting businesses through targeted business implementations. Our experience in retail ranges from promotional planning to warehouse management, customer insight improvements to inventory management, Retail Planning to Retail execution. Our focus is always on the business benefits that technology can bring. The successful business of the future won’t be driven by the IT department, but by the company’s leadership. By giving you the integrated business processes and information analysis you need, Capgemini can help give you more control. Click on RetailPath to know about our rapid SAP for retail solution.