Quality Assurance & testing for banking

The applications that run today’s financial institutions have become more complex and interconnected as firms strive to meet demands for speed, flexibility and transparency.

Mature, reliable testing tools and processes can bring stability and reliability to core systems while achieving cost savings as high as 50% through fully managed or automated testing services.

Model Based Testing Workbench

Model based testing is a methodology and IT toolset designed to accelerate the creation of test scripts. Using traditional methods, test professionals must manually create each test script and use case, a task which requires both testing skills and domain expertise. By using model based testing tools, capital markets firms can automatically generate test cases from models to describe the application, object or system under test. A single model can generate multiple test cases in far less time than it would take to write the same number of cases manually. Models can also be re-used to test other applications with similar functionality.

Capgemini has developed Model Based Testing Workbenches for key commercial applications including VisionPLUS® and TSYS® for Cards; SEPA Direct Debits and Credit Transfer and Global PAYplus® for Payments; and FLEXCUBE®, SAP® Core Banking, MortgageServ®, Temenos® T24, and Cassiopae® for Banking. Our Workbenches use pre-built models to jump start your testing efforts for common applications.

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