AI for Manufacturing

Increasingly complex factories and supply chains

Modern factories, with their complex machines, continuously struggle to adapt to rapidly changing demands. Traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems (MESs), LEAN programs, and classic BI solutions fail to drive operational efficiency any further. Digital Manufacturing leverages AI to address these challenges and optimise plant performance. Moreover, as these factories and supply chains are also highly integrated, AI’s ability to anticipate deviations and potentially automatically correct them becomes a major performance driver.

Build your AI future state

Analytics-driven decision-making will empower employees at all levels, from maintenance crews to production executives, to constantly optimise operations. AI supports this shift from intuition-driven to insights-driven plant operations, leveraging IoT-enabled analytics to support transparent, predictable, adaptable and ultimately “closed loop” autonomous operations.

Intelligence at the heart of change

Autonomous operations – where equipment anticipates, based on past learning, and seamlessly adapts to change – frees up management talent for innovation versus problem solving. AI not only ushers in a new era of efficiency and productivity, it accelerates process and service innovation across industries.

Maximise your manufacturing opportunities with Perform AI

Perform AI from Capgemini is your catalyst for manufacturing transformation and autonomous operations. Outcome-led, pragmatic and proven, Perform AI takes you beyond isolated MVPs to scale-up for real business impact.

Close the loop on operations, exploit AI and optimise daily operations. Today.


IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing Predictions 2018

By the end of 2020, one-third of all manufacturing supply chains will be using analytics-driven cognitive capabilities.

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