AI & Data Engineering

AI Engineering: There’s no intelligence without data, at scale!

These foundation services create the modern data and AI platforms to deliver trusted AI solutions in production and at scale.

Underpinning every stage of the transformation from AI Activate to AI Transform and AI Reimagine, this critical building block of services identifies, prioritises and actions exploitable data from across your enterprise to provide the insights and technology platform to support production-grade AI applications.

In an accelerating world, the new constant is data centricity because there is no innovation without knowledge and there is no knowledge without trusted data. True intelligence depends on data at scale.

Capgemini research suggests that less than a third of organisations currently promote data-driven decision-making, apply AI to improve the customer experience, or use AI in operations. So, organisations need a pragmatic, scalable approach for implementing AI across their whole business.

AI Engineering makes that possible. It gives you everything you need to realise the benefits of AI right across your business and supply chain. And with data centricity at the core, organisations are empowered to move from a process-driven model to a data-centric model.

AI Engineering Brochure

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AI Engineering Factsheet

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AI Engineering: Trusted, AI-based, at-scale services for business transformation and innovation

Foundation services based on secure data

  • Platform Foundation
  • Data Trust
  • Data Centricity
  • AI & Analytics Foundation
  • AI & Analytics Execution

A modern data and AI platform

  • Business value driven
  • Trusted data by design
  • Data is the only constant
  • A robust data-centric architecture
  • Repeatable, extendable, and scalable

Trusted, AI-based, at-scale services

  • Real world solutions
  • Trusted business performance
  • 7,800+ engineers
  • 400+ clients
  • A rich partner ecosystem


Capgemini Research Institute, Understanding Digital Mastery Today, July 2018

“Less than a third of organisations currently promote data-driven decision-making, apply AI to improve the customer experience, or use AI in operations”

Eric Reich, Capgemini AI Engineering global offer lead

"The majority of AI projects don’t make it to production – falling into the AI Death Valley!"

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Anne-Laure Thieullent

Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Group Offer Leader

Ron Tolido

Executive Vice President, Global CTO – Insights & Data. Certified Master Architect. Member of the Group Technology & Innovation Council. Lead author of TechnoVision. Executive lecturer at TIAS Business School.

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