Customer Experience

Service 360

Build stronger customer relationships by delivering world class service and a consistent brand experience.

Each touch point and interaction is an opportunity to enhance perception and improve loyalty. We assist our clients to create, deploy, and manage world-class customer touch points, improve customer satisfaction, and expand relationships.

  • Customer experience – Create, deploy, and manage world class customer touchpoints
  • Customer loyalty – Improve customer satisfaction to build loyal customers
  • Cross-sell & up-sell – Turn servicing into an opportunity to expand the relationship
  • Resource optimisation – Provide efficient scalable resources and solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Customer self-service enablement – Design, build, and implement highly personalised and interactive self-service functionality
  • Communications and contact strategy – Create and execute effective communication and contact management plans to enable strategic communication and meet core organisational objectives
  • Cross-channel contact centre – Improve cross-channel communication using customer integration data with real-time analytics across channels
  • Cross-sell – Understand your customers in order to effectively cross-sell and up-sell your products and services
  • Knowledge management & training – Equip your team with the tools, knowledge, and skills to be successful
  • Social listening – Understand, learn, and adapt to customer conversations regarding your brand across channels

Understand customer interactions with employees, technology, and business processes across their entire journey. Learn more about our Engagement Blueprint solution, Capgemini Engagement Blueprint

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