Internet of Things

Making IoT work for your business

The extension of the digital world to physical objects paves the way for massive value creation and growth opportunities for large companies. Reduced costs and entry barriers to automation, ubiquitous cloud computing and networks, rapid innovation on the market: the IoT also signals extensive transformation to legacy businesses, IT systems and operating models.

How can business leaders and CIOs alike capture the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) for their existing organisations? How to safely leverage new data sources to reinvent business models and improve profitability?

Our expertise and unique approach

Capgemini Invent has leading industry expertise in successful IoT experimentation’s and industrialisation within mature organisations including:

  • IoT strategy and strategic use cases definition and prioritisation
  • Connected products design and launch
  • Connected operations assessment and transformation roadmapping, e.g. predictive maintenance
  • IoT platform design, build, testing and industrialisation: technical infrastructure, operating model & governance
  • Technological partnerships building
  • New operational models: connected business continuous delivery and profitable service models
  • IoT services model definition: IoT internal offers, business cases, service catalogues, costing – pricing systems, IoT marketing
  • IoT cybersecurity
  • Data related topics: architecture, governance, compliance (GDPR, …)
  • New IT paradigms: continuous integration, PaaS and Infra-as-code
  • Updated sourcing and skills

This expertise is leveraged to help our clients define their IoT strategies, launch new and innovative products, connect and automate industrial operations, and transform their IT capabilities to support an increasingly connected organisation.


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