Digital meets custom applications

Most custom applications today are not at all prepared for the digital age, which brings exploding data volumes and changing user expectations. Common challenges include:

  • Poor performance
  • Low data quality
  • Inability to cope with data growth
  • Inability to implement new features
  • High cost of operations
  • Long time to market

Traditional counteractions—hardware addition, constant performance optimization, and data splitting—might ease a few of the symptoms above, but at the expense of increasing complexity and driving up the cost of operation. They definitely do not solve the problem in a sustainable way.

The future of Custom Applications: Your benefits

We use market-leading, enterprise-ready, in-memory SAP technologies to solve all of the above problems at once without touching the code of your application.

You will reap immediate and previously unimaginable benefits including:

  • Improved usability and higher end-user satisfaction
  • Better data quality
  • Real-time computing capabilities that are big data-ready
  • Lower TCO for custom applications
  • Accelerated completion of the digital transformation journey
  • Future-proof for many years to come

Results from a productive, complex Java™ enterprise application:

  • Performance increase out-of-the box (up to 500x)
  • Significant shrinkage of database size (by 70%)
  • 0 € spend on performance optimizations
  • No code modifications or expensive hardware required
  • Unique offering in the market
  • End-to-end delivery from vision to operation in incremental steps
  • Strategic partnerships with SAP
  • Well-versed in the technology involved in HANA reference projects in the SAP world
  • High expertise in the non-SAP world