Enterprise Portfolio Modernisation with Microsoft®

Your business is moving workloads to the Microsoft cloud. But do you truly have a robust cloud strategy?

Application modernisation strategy

Capgemini Enterprise Portfolio Modernisation is a suite of services that align with Microsoft Azure to provide an end-to-end platform for digital transformation. Our industrialised methodologies, tools, and accelerators help your cloud investments deliver business benefits today and a foundation for growth tomorrow. Enterprise Portfolio Modernisation starts with a clear understanding of your business situation and your existing application environment. We then help you explore the business and technical implications of your current state and the cost and potential payoffs of modernisation.

We look at all aspects of data center transformation – including infrastructure, software development, and automation – that can open new business opportunities. We also help you plan for security, costs, risks, and other key implications.

Then, based on your business requirements and real-world business and technology considerations, we outline your unique transformation strategy. The approach includes a detailed road map to guide you in migrating your business-critical and high-volume applications – and for building cloud-native applications in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

“We are very proud and pleased that Yara has selected Capgemini as their new strategic long-term IT partner. Not only will we support them with a seamless cloud solution for SAP and SharePoint, we will also enable their digital strategy and build a foundation for digital evolution,” says Anil Agarwal, Head of Capgemini in Norway and Sweden. 

Application modernisation framework

Capgemini applies unrivaled toolsets to optimise your Microsoft Azure migration:

  • Economic Application Portfolio Manager (eAPM): This innovative tool delivers a comprehensive view of your application portfolio to kick off your cloud journey.
  • Robust migration methodology: Our industrialised approach considers all migration options and is enabled by a highly automated migration capability. Our methodology is state-of-the-art and certified by Microsoft, earning an Azure Expert certification.
  • Application modernisation: Our flexible approach to modernisation automates and accelerates migration testing. It fully supports your multivendor ecosystem throughout the transformation process.
  • Cloud Migration Centers: Our state-of-the-art onshore and offshore migration centers cover all aspects of your cloud migration, from assessment, to run, to true DevOps.
  • Capgemini Cloud Platform: The Capgemini Cloud Platform (CCP) portfolio of cloud services and accelerators includes a full spectrum of end-user services, cloud and data services, managed service offerings, and cybersecurity services, all of which are designed to work in combination with each other, not just separately. CCP offers extensive capabilities with built-in self-service tools to manage a DevOps toolchain, agile, or standard AIOps, APIs, integrations, SaaS, creation of pre-defined templates and pre-defined environments, and cloud-native development using containers or PaaS services.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Capgemini, a leading global systems integrator, to help customers accelerate their business agility, productivity and efficiency.”
Scott Guthrie,
Executive VP, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

From application to transformation

Enterprise Portfolio Modernisation is about more than just application migration. The service suite is designed to guide you on your cloud-transformation journey. The goal is to optimise your applications, reap the benefits of cloud economics, and achieve new business speed and agility.

  • Modernise and Migrate Legacy Applications: Confidently migrate your core applications to your new cloud infrastructure.
  • Migrate SAP Applications to Microsoft Azure: Optimise the software that makes you a best-run business on the cloud platform that’s aligned with your vision.
  • Develop Cloud-Native Applications: Benefit from business-differentiating software that’s born and bred in the cloud.
  • Data Center Transformation: Get a handle on diversifying applications, systems, and technologies – so that your data center can help drive business success.
  • Managed Services

Modernize and migrate legacy applications solution Develop cloud native applications solution Migrate SAP Applications to Microsoft Azure solution Data center transformation solution

Modernize your enterprise portfolio with Capgemini.

Identify your IT and business needs

  • Get a handle on your application environment.
  • Plan and prioritize your Microsoft Azure migration.
  • Align your migration initiative with business strategy.

Migrate confidently to the cloud.

  • Automate and accelerate Microsoft Azure migration processes.
  • Minimise cost, risk, and disruption.
  • Position yourself for future application innovations.

Achieve digital transformation

  • Leverage Microsoft Azure to respond rapidly to changing market realities.
  • Deliver new services and customer experiences.
  • Realize differentiating new capabilities and business models.

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Charlie Li

I work with enterprise clients across North America on all stages of cloud adoption and transformation, from forming a strategy and roadmap, to migrating applications, cloud-native development and public cloud managed services.

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