Enabling welfare transformation

Welfare agencies worldwide are facing significant challenges, from aging populations and a move to digital engagement, to policy reform, and growing demand for welfare payments. To counter this they need to simplify interaction with their respective citizens, and use more information, more effectively. Since many current welfare management models no longer fit their purpose, governments and administrations are seeking new approaches that improve efficiency, prevent fraud and control costs.

What key priorities do welfare agencies face today?

As welfare and employment agencies look to transform and digitise their welfare administration processes and become increasingly more agile, there are two priorities to address:

  1. How to improve the end to end citizen experience across the welfare life cycle: agencies need to embrace citizen service effectiveness through transformed front office processes; and
  2. How to make benefit provision and process management more efficient: with continual citizen updates due to change in circumstances, new benefits and updating others, the welfare agency needs to be able to manage the dynamic benefit processing cycle effectively, striving to lower costs and improve process efficiency at every step.
With ready-to-use assets and automation of repeatable processes, 95-98% of all regular claims can be settled without manual input. That translates into reduced costs, faster processing time and fewer errors.

Adaptable to changing citizen needs

The Capgemini Enableswel addresses these two key priority areas.

Our solution allows for rapid and iterative deployment of services and components, significantly reducing the implementation timeframe compared with traditional large scale transformation programmes.

EnablesWel is highly scalable, offering a dynamic response to changing welfare administration volumes. This makes it a future ready solution, giving welfare agencies the flexibility to scale up without increasing internal manpower. This means it is possible for the agency to handle more real-time error free transactions without additional cost.

To find out how EnablesWel can transform your welfare management business, contact Ian Pretty.