Centralised information, efficient distribution

With a transport management system like OTM, your company will be able to:

  • Optimise transportation routes to take advantage of the best rates
  • Automate reconciliation of freight vouchers and payment approval
  • Gain visibility to manage in-transit shipments more effectively
  • Report on transportation transactions quickly and accurately

TM tailor-made for your business

Capgemini helps you draft a business case for OTM implementation that aligns your software requirements and business capabilities. Based on a diagnostic of your company’s current and future business requirements, we work with you to design a system configuration that suits your needs.

Our Accelerated Solutions Environment involves key stakeholders in the process and our Rightshore® approach ensures round-the-clock support during and after implementation.

Capgemini and Oracle: partners in transport management

Capgemini has the extensive knowledge and experience required to harness the power of OTM for a profitable return on your investment. We have the largest client base of transport management systems in the industry.