Pipeline Inspection Analytics

Understanding asset condition is vital – but difficult

To maximise profitability, the industry continues to focus on avoiding downtime and increasing productivity. Most operators have therefore adopted a cost-effective risk-based approach to asset maintenance – one that relies on increased understanding of pipeline condition to drive intervention priorities.

However, industry disruption makes this understanding hard to achieve. New fields, market entrants and commercial models have fragmented asset ownership, with inevitable loss or degradation of historical data.

Why asset condition is increasingly critical

In almost all mature basins, assets are now operating beyond their original design life. Infrastructure is being pushed ever closer to failure thresholds, with little precedent to inform about risks. Pipelines are running deeper, hotter and under higher pressure. When failures occur, they are larger and harder to tackle.

 At the same time, the industry now expects total elimination of health, safety and environmental incidents, minimising reputational damage.

How advanced analytics increases effectiveness

Capgemini employs advanced analytics to create intelligent systems that support pipeline inspection (PI). This approach brings efficiencies to PI and improves management, assessment and tracking of integrity data and plans.

Through efficient data science techniques, anomaly false positives are minimised and the inspection-to-report cycle is reduced. You gain a single view of data to assess and mitigate integrity risks, and reduce the likelihood and consequences of pipeline incidents.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini’s approach delivers enhancements to customer service Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like reporting cycle time and anomaly detection accuracy. We support vivid pipeline inspection (PI) solutions, including magnetic and ultrasonic scans. All this creates market differentiation for your organisation.


Benefits include:

  • >50% reduction in false positives
  • >50% reduction in typical end-to-end PI reporting cycles
  • Thousands of hours/month saved in analyst and engineer effort
  • Huge reductions in IT infrastructure costs
  • Opportunity to open up new revenue streams by marketing data as a service

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Mark Powell
Head of Insights and Data, UK

Mark Deighton
Insights & Data, UK