Applied Insights Centre

With Applied Insights Centre, clients are seeing higher business value faster, while streamlining operations and reducing cost.

With the Applied Insights Centre (AIC), we have packaged our deep experience and expertise in insights and data into a highly customisable and commercially simple model that’s unique in the industry. AIC delivers higher business value faster, while streamlining operations and reducing cost.

Driving Competitive Advantage:

Do you need insights that can be applied to your business fast to drive competitive advantage? If so, you need a solution that:

  • Adapts readily to individual needs
  • Takes advantage of the latest technologies including big data and cognitive/AI
  • Makes the most of opportunities for automation
  • Readily integrates with digital approaches in different business areas, such as manufacturing, and supports technology concepts such as IoT
  • Offers simpler commercial models that are easily measurable and output based

Applied Insights Centre

Our Applied Insights Centre (AIC) gives today’s business everything it needs to derive insights from data and apply them to real problems in real time. It builds on and replaces NextGen BISC, our earlier framework that’s been a big success with clients.

AIC provides:

  • A modular approach: Try AIC’s simple, flexible way of creating powerful solutions. Easily customise the model to address specific challenges you face. Create solutions incrementally, adding more components/services as you go and optionally using agile approaches such as DevOps.
  • Flexible automation: Choose how much to invest in tools based on your needs and budget – pick anything from free open source tools to premium high-end ones to gain automation benefits of up to 50%.
  • Cognitive by design: Harness a variety of AI and machine learning techniques and technologies for IT and business contexts. Applications that we have implemented using AI include reducing cost of robot failures, intelligent customer service, pipeline leak detection, warehousing drones, and minimising radiology exposure.
  • Digitally enabled services: A services module includes components that deliver a wide range of services, grouped under the headings of customer experience (including social media analytics), operations/process, and business model.

Simplified, flexible, choice of commercial models

  • A catalogue-based model
  • Payment based on outputs that you want
  • Payment based on business outcomes that you need


Incorporates a platform from which AIC can be delivered as-a-Service, using prebuilt solutions for domains like procurement and HR to provide higher business value, faster. The infrastructure depends on your preference: your infrastructure or Capgemini’s, cloud, or a combination.

Also available as-a-service are our preconfigured “smart solutions”, that can be implemented fast to solve a standard business problem such as pricing.

AIC success stories

  • For a consumer goods company, AIC has achieved 30% productivity gains due to process improvements and more than 28% cost savings in just 15 months; combined with drastic improvements in customer satisfaction, and better budget transparency and predictability.
  • For an insurance company, AIC has reduced the risk assessment time by 70% by implementing an artificial intelligence application that understands and uses information from 1,600 news feeds.
  • A pharma company has improved its forecasting of the need for vaccines. As a result, vaccines can now reach patients up to 32% faster and child mortality has reduced by around 2%.

Find out what the Applied Insights Centre can do to your businesses.

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Applied Insights Center

Applied Insights Centre

The Applied Insights Centre (AIC) packages our deep insights & data experience and expertise into a highly customisable and commercially simple and future-enabled menu-driven approach to create a business-oriented solution for insights and business challenges.

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