Digital Operations in Manufacturing

Taking digital manufacturing to the core of your operations

Taking digital manufacturing to the core of your operations

Across industries, operations managers understand that digital has indeed unlocked a new wave of performance improvement opportunities. IoT technologies make it possible to leverage the wealth of data hitherto locked in production equipment and improve their reliability, performance, and flexibility. However, operating a modern production facility is among the most complex jobs as it navigates several opportunities and challenges including:

  • Game-changing developments in computing power, connectivity, analytics, robotics and machine learning
  • Shrinking lot sizes of increasingly personalised products with ever shorter product innovation cycles
  • More and more automated and integrated factories and supply chains
  • Underutilised assets with sub-optimal production operations and low overall equipment effectiveness.

Leveraging the power of data requires bridging the IT/OT gap

Collecting data from an entire factory and its environment to feed optimisation algorithms significantly increases the complexity owing to dynamic data aggregation and analysis, not only from disparate equipment but also from production tracking systems and enterprise applications. The data extraction is further complicated as automation/ OT world is governed by specific and proprietary standards. It is also poorly integrated with enterprise level (IT), limited by specific and low bandwidth technologies. Moreover, it is difficult to cope with the volume and velocity of data required to optimise a modern manufacturing operation. Any change in this fragile stack must be planned extremely carefully, as production cannot be disrupted.

IoT technologies can progressively bridge the gap

Today, CIOs believe that IoT technologies can coexist with the traditional OT stack and progressively bring the  cheaper, more powerful and flexible revolution to your factory. Digital Manufacturing accelerates the progressive softwarisation of automation architectures and emergence of a new category of Smart Operations Platforms. We have created three levels of services to take you along the Industry 4.0 journey.

Industry 4.0 assessment: An Industry 4.0 assessment framework delivers a comprehensive view of your readiness to embrace digital manufacturing revolution. Focusing on key areas where data and analytics allow to optimise operations, the assessment covers technology, practices, competencies, and culture and delivers step-by-step roadmap.

Operational Intelligence (OI) framework: An Operational Intelligence (OI) framework, allows you to experiment and then scale as an analytics-driven performance optimisation. The framework includes a flexible OI platform and pre-defined analytics adapted to most common requirements by industry – asset reliability, line performance and quality improvement. It allows to quickly set up pilots and then scale the platform on your preferred technology stack.

Smart Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM): Smart MOM is the convergence of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies into an open and scalable manufacturing optimisation platform. With a range of expertise, from ERP to industrial automation, we help you design a Smart MOM roadmap limiting risks and delivering results along the way.

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Capgemini Digital Manufacturing services

At Capgemini, we believe that Digital Manufacturing starts with leveraging data and advanced analytics to shorten the time-to-market of increasingly diverse products and services, and improve the performance and flexibility of ever more complex production assets, lines, factories and supply chains. Our services in areas such as 3D printing, cobots, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality help you improve quality, performance, reliability, and efficiency of your operations. We help you accelerate your Industry 4.0 journey by defining your assessment and strategy roadmap to embracing digital continuity, manufacturing intelligence, and smart operations.

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