Defence solutions enhanced with technology experience

Budget and time-to-market pressures are driving defence companies and military organisations to use high-performing commercial technologies and fewer military-specific solutions. Capgemini’s defence systems solutions, strengthened by our technological expertise, include:

  • Homeland security
  • C4I: command, control, communications, computers and intelligence
  • Simulation information systems
  • Defence systems: mission critical and embedded software

Our solutions help defence organisations and supporting defence agencies connect with the Enterprise Resource Planning systems adopted by their commercial partners in recent years, providing:

  • Centralised information, planning and resource capabilities across different services to support effective joint operations
  • Effective management of projects involving large-scale change transformation

A progressive approach to defence

To reduce the cost and risk associated with rapid transformation, Capgemini has developed a Building Block Factory approach. This uses industrialised processes for system design and development to obtain quick and reliable results.

In the Building Block Factory, a number of successful concepts are combined such as the Accelerated Solutions Environment to speed up design and decision-making, and our Rightshore® global delivery model to engage the right capabilities and maximise cost effectiveness.

Assisting organisations in military transformation

Capgemini is a leading provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing services to governments and defence industries worldwide. Capgemini’s defence systems solutions are the result of 30 years of technology experience. Our commitment to the sector has resulted in a track record of success, having assisted in the military transformations of:

  • Defence manufacturers
  • National government ministries
  • Defence forces
  • International agencies