Capgemini’s Cloud Automation for SAP (CCAS)

Discover an innovation in Cloud Migration for SAP that will enable a timely, efficient and cost-effective journey in your organisation’s migration to the cloud. The road to digital transformation is easily realised with Capgemini’s Cloud Automation for SAP (CCAS).

What are the challenges?

There are a number of challenges you may have to overcome when moving operations to the cloud. Some of those could range from:

  • Infrastructure cost reduction,
  • a shifting focus of moving from a CapEx to an OpEx model;
  • Building SAP centric solutions in the Cloud;
  • Reducing Delivery timelines to match the increasing dependency on 24/7 operations and
  • working with a partner that Harbour Innovation.

Capgemini’s Cloud Automation for SAP leads the way in providing SAP centric Cloud Migration innovation for its customers.

In close collaboration with our Cloud Partners, we are helping customers by delivering Ready-to-Run SAP Solutions in a matter of hours.

Benefits of Running SAP in the Cloud with Capgemini

Capgemini is in a unique position given our deep understanding of the SAP Solutions in the Cloud and through a long-standing relationship with key cloud partners, where 100’s of systems are managed via our automation tool. Working with Capgemini you will be able to leverage wealth of business transformation expertise, by realising business agility in responding to changing market conditions and end-user demands, by offering:

– On-demand infrastructure to run SAP workload

– Optimisation and automation of application and infrastructure management

– Flexibility and reduction in costs.

– Reduction in delivery timelines

Why Capgemini

Capgemini is working with a number of Cloud partners on the “Cloud Automation for SAP” initiative.  This initiative delivers SAP solutions, offering on-demand infrastructure which provides the agility, flexibility and reduction in infrastructure cost.  Capgemini’s initiative also focuses on reducing delivery timelines by delivering SAP centric solutions through its Ready-to-Run platform. Anticipating the need for constant change and innovation, Capgemini has invested in developing prototypes, accelerators and reference architectures. These form the starting point for the journey with our clients; helping them to define the challenges of their business and to understand the available solutions and their likely impact.