Virtual Company

Transform and optimise your business’s performance through our Virtual Company offering – a cloud-based solution that enables secure and fast virtualisation of back office functions through best-in-class processes, pre-configured technology and built-in analytics.

Innovation without letting go

Many organisations find themselves with innovative and exciting strategies that they struggle to realise because of a cumbersome and frustrating administrative burden – making the time between innovation and market launch unnecessarily long.

A back office that can be switched on (or off)

Your business can benefit from our Virtual Company offer – pre-configured back-office services and applications that seamlessly and rapidly integrate with your organisation and technology.
Virtual Company draws upon our renowned Global Enterprise Model© (GEM©), platforms such as NetSuite’s best-in-class cloud-based business applications, and our experience in transformation and delivery to start up smaller scale operations quickly while reducing lumpy capital investments.
In addition, Core Finance and HR services are underpinned by value-adding services of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Analytics.
Virtual Company would benefit many different types of project, such as:
  • Expanding into a new market or territory
  • Acquiring a new company
  • Divestiture of an existing business
  • Creating a new joint venture
  • Launching a new product
  • Setting up a new company or product line

A proven leader

For more than 45 years, Capgemini has helped companies to transform their businesses and optimise their performance. Working with us enables you to streamline and automate your business processes at a global level. Our Virtual Company offer:
  • Delivers a fully pre-configured offering that is ready to go from day one
  • Delivers a complete solution comprised of both core processes and Enterprise GRC and Analytics insights
  • Focuses on the delivery of shareholder value
  • Is underpinned by the IP and know-how contained in our GEM©

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