The changing role of the CFO

As finance leaders, you need to keep pace with changing market conditions and provide data-driven inputs to strategic decisions. You require a solution to face critical challenges, including:
  • Limited access to information
  • Lack of a formal structure for growth and control initiatives
  • Differing perspectives of FP&A stakeholders
  • Prioritisation of reporting over analysis
To overcome these hurdles, you need a solution that can:
  • Deliver holistic data and metrics
  • Implement a formal structure for growth and control initiatives
  • Balance differing perspectives among FP&A stakeholders
  • Prioritise analysis over reporting


A cloud-driven approach to FP&A

Capgemini helps standardise and centralise the entire FP&A process with services delivered “as a stack.” Our Cloud-driven “FP&A as a Stack” approach integrates several layers and cutting-edge components, including:
  • Q Performance suite: our platform providing actionable analysis
  • Global Enterprise Model© (GEM): our industrialised delivery method
  • Data Models: predefined mapping of all KPIs to enterprise resource planning (ERP) data, ensuring easy implementation
  • Insights Center: an optional command center
FP&A as a Stack delivers a seamless, intuitive, and cost-effective FP&A process that improves:
  • Visibility
  • Agility
  • Efficiency


A wealth of experience

We leverage our extensive experience and network of best-in-class technology partners to make FP&A an integral part of daily financial operations.
We helped consolidate data from more than 1,000 cost centers around the world for a multinational manufacturing business, streamlining the client’s administration of their budget process. Today, they see annual savings of more than $250,000.
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