Work Reinvented – what will be the new ways of working in 2025?

There has been a vast shift in how organisations around the world work post the covid-19 pandemic. Successfully adjusting to these new ways of working is about far more than just supporting hybrid working, it must equally focus on supporting all employees to work in the most effective and beneficial manner that their role and company can enable. This report explores why companies need to focus on their workforce strategy, why culture is key, sustainability as a driver and the 2025 view.

The intent of this report is to build on the existing work and research that has been done at Capgemini and elsewhere around what work will look like in the future, through a combination of our own research and focus interviews with our thought leaders, to provide a fresh look at the long-term future of work. We have termed this the “2025 view” of Work Reimagined, seeking to go beyond the short- and medium-term impacts of Covid to what the enduring effects for us and our clients may be.

Work Reinvented

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