Today’s customers are firmly in control. They can research products, switch between retailers and channels to find the best deal, and use wish lists to wait for and grab discounts – all without moving from their sofa. The B2B world is seeing comparable trends, influenced by employees’ experiences as private consumers. When placing orders, they expect intuitive user interfaces, rapid data entry and responses, correct pricing and delivery promises that are kept.
Until recently, improving customer experience and improving the supply chain seemed like two separate issues in technology terms. SAP’s recent acquisition of hybris means you can now tackle both issues with a single customer-centric solution. We believe hybris Omni-Commerce is the best multi-channel commerce platform there is – but its real power arises from integrating it with SAP. By doing so, you can drive the whole relationship with the customer in an integrated way, including not just the actual transaction but also the back office processes that support it.
The winning combination of SAP ERP, hybris Omni-Commerce and Capgemini can be a key weapon in your digital transformation, helping you exploit technology to improve customer engagement, internal operations and your whole business model.
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