Why choose Capgemini for SAP – With S/4 HANA, Capgemini is accelerating agility, innovation and success for the CP&R sector

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We help our customers embed intelligent technologies into their Renewable Enterprises.

The challenge

For the Consumer Products and Retail (CP&R) sectors, speed and agility aren’t optional ‘nice-to-haves’ – they’re critical to survival. Consumer trends can – in this digital, connected age especially – change rapidly, and long-established brands and products lines can find themselves disrupted overnight. CP&R companies need to have their fingers on the consumer pulse and be able to react quickly.

The old ERP model – with its long development cycles and high element of risk – no longer supports the needs of today’s CP&R businesses. ERP was created to help companies standardise processes, store information and make things easier across the enterprise. The downside has been dependent on a central system that over the years has grown complex and been hugely customised, so that the unravelling of it now seems like an impossible undertaking.

CP&R companies need to protect what’s important while simplifying years of built-up complexity. They need to be designing for continuous, ongoing, rapid change while setting themselves up to deliver sustainable business value.

S/4HANA forms the digital core customers have been looking for to fulfill their digital transformation ambitions. It aims at digitalisation of products and services. The drive the agility, flexibility and future-readiness they need, CP&R companies running SAP need to make the step change to the digital core. Capgemini can get you there.

  • Supply Chain
    • Procurement
    • Logistics
    • Planning
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality management
  • Trade promotion management
  • Personalisation and customisation of products for the market of one
  • Product and customer profitability analysis to improve informed decisions
  • Expanding into new markets & supporting merger and acquisition activity

Change that works

Modern, successful businesses want technology, and particularly enterprise wide systems, to empower change – whether that’s creating new business models, gaining insights from the huge data repositories that large companies have accumulated or provide end-to-end visibility of operations.

Driving change in a way that future-proofs the business is critical. But it’s a significant undertaking, and it’s not without risk. A recent study of SAP projects by Resulting IT discovered that 52% did not achieve their business objectives and 64% did not deliver to the original plan.

Now more than ever businesses need to be able to spread risk, minimise business impact and continually deliver value, while always retaining the ability to change direction.

Moving to an agile future

We’re helping CP&R companies integrate the supply chain around the customer and the consumer with real time visibility and adaptability. Our matchless BPO capability means we can help companies strengthen demand forecasting, signalling and logistics. Flexibility and agility aren’t just important for managing stock and planning but for being able to deliver and track marketing campaigns.

With S/4 HANA, Capgemini is accelerating agility, innovation and success for the CP&R sector.

You can trust Capgemini to get the job done.

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