Why choose Capgemini for SAP – Getting the job done in Aerospace & Defence (A&D)

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“Renewable Enterprise” – a business that makes continuous change part of how it operates

The challenge

Companies in the Aerospace and Defence sectors are today facing a number of concurrent, converging challenges which are leading them to reconfigure their SAP estate for continuous transformation:

  • Security considerations
  • Traceability in manufacturing & MRO
  • Compliance (for example, regulatory)
  • Manufacturing efficiency
  • Enhanced cost control & visibility
  • Legacy technology/technology debt
  • Productivity
  • Enterprise-wide visibility
  • OT:IT integration
  • Multi-Cloud/hybrid Cloud solutions
  • Servitisation

Change that works

Modern, successful businesses want technology, and particularly enterprise wide systems, to empower change – whether that’s creating new business models, gaining insights from the huge data repositories that large companies have accumulated or providing end-to-end visibility of operations.

Driving change in a way that future-proofs the business is critical. But it’s a significant undertaking, and it’s not without risk. A recent study of SAP projects by Resulting IT discovered that 52% did not achieve their business objectives and 64% did not deliver to the original plan.

Now more than ever businesses need to be able to spread risk, minimise business impact and continually deliver value, while always retaining the ability to change direction.

Credible, reliable, secure

A&D is one sector above all that tends not to buy systems or solutions off the shelf. Capgemini’s heritage in A&D means we bring a deep understanding of the particular needs of the sector – its heritage and its future direction. Working collaboratively comes naturally: we develop with you. We’re an engineering company as well as a Global Systems Integrator (GSI), advocates of the Industry 4.0 vision. In terms of system architecture we bring the know-h ow to create and sustain the concept of a ‘Renewable Enterprise’. Linking together Operational Technology with Information Technology to provide the single pane of glass over the whole of a business’ operational performance.

A&D projects will always need an enhanced layer of security. Capgemini has the largest UK domiciled security cleared workfor ce of any GSI, BPSS, SC and DV.

You can trust Capgemini to get the job done.

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