Transport prices increase despite the decline in diesel prices

This is the 12th edition of the Transport Market Monitor. It outlines developments in European road transport rates and includes the figures of the second quarter of 2012.

  • The price index (see figure 1) increased by 7.2% in Q2 2012 (index 99.4), compared to the price index in Q1 2012 (index 92.7).
  • When comparing the index level of the previous year, Q2 2011 (index 103.9), the price index is 4.3% lower in Q2 2012.
  • In Q2 2012 the diesel index decreased to index 107.5 (- 1.5%).
  • Another factor with a high impact on transport prices is the capacity index, which decreased by 34.9% in Q2 2012 (index 78.2), compared to Q1 2012 (index 120.1).
  • The price increase in Q2 fits the pattern of the price index in previous years. In previous years, prices increased on average by 8.5% between Q1 and Q2, during the economic recovery in 2010 it even recorded a 13.5% growth.
  • The development of the price and capacity indexes over the next two quarters is likely to be influenced by progress in the economic situation in both Europe and the USA. The current uncertainty causes hesitant and nervous behaviour throughout the industry. Also developments in the oil price are subject to uncertainty.
  • Both market dynamics and current economic uncertainties emphasize the need to monitor transport price developments very closely, to mitigate the risk of any unexpected negative impact on company results.

These are the conclusions of the Transport Market Monitor by TRANSPOREON and Capgemini Consulting, a quarterly publication, which aims to track transport market dynamics.