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Automation and artificial intelligence are already having enormous impacts on employees, organisations, and society.  Yet Capgemini’s research concludes that the majority of executives believe that automation initiatives have not increased their productivity – a view shared by most employees. Organisations need to balance technology and people to deal with automation-driven change.

Capgemini works in collaboration with our ecosystem partner Faethm to help organisations to understand the supply and demand of jobs and skills in the future, in order to structure, size, and equip their workforces for the work and opportunities that new technologies create.  With our global network of technology and industry experts, we help our clients to:

  • Prepare employees for change, identifying employees, roles, and communities at risk.
  • Recruit for the future, planning for reskilling and redeployment with the ‘Job Corridor’.
  • Create location strategies by identifying locations with the largest impact.
  • Mitigate redundancies, by identifying safer career paths for at risk employees.
  • Create custom Learning and Development plans, translating skill impacts and gaps into learning opportunities.
  • Grow the right business, validating our clients transformation agendas based on industry and market needs.

Capgemini puts employees in the centre of all activities to complement automation challenges most effectively, enabling our clients to make data-driven decisions on their technology and people strategy.

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