Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment helps solve sensitive client communication issues for leading charity’s mission-critical website.

has been of immense importance in helping us find the right way forward
for the website which is so vital to our work, and to address sensitive
communications issues. We are grateful to all the Capgemini people who
gave up their time for free in this pro bono project.

Sir Nick Partridge, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust

The Situation

Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) has helped thousands of people living
with HIV/AIDS to get help, advice, treatment and counselling. But its
website – critical to its mission – needed a total rethink to meet the
needs of highly disparate groups. The site also needed to reflect
medical and social advances that have changed HIV from a terminal
disease to a manageable long-term condition.

The Solution

Capgemini volunteered to address the challenge on a pro bono basis.
A key factor was the willingness and enthusiasm of its senior
consultants to devote their time to the project on a voluntary basis,
without pay. The Capgemini Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) was
deployed to facilitate THT’s website rethink and to ensure its
effectiveness. The ASE combines a world-class facilitation team,
proprietary decision-making processes, global knowledge bases and a
highly innovative working environment. The THT ASE generated
engagement, debate, ideas and – above all – a set of decisions and a
firm plan with full buy-in from everyone at THT on the priorities for
their new website its direction, shape and content.

The Result

THT were able to develop a plan that had everyone’s support, produce
a strategic specification for its new website, and go out to tender.
With understanding and agreement achieved at the ASE, THT could finally
power ahead with its essential new website programme, which is being
funded by a grant from the Elton John Aids Foundation.