Capgemini enables the leading IoT solutions

Provider to jump ahead of the competition connecting the world In today’s world the term offline is no longer applicable, Telenor Connexion makes sure its clients are connected to the digital word, enabling them to make the most of the Internet of Things. The company connects people, places and things through over 400 mobile networks making up one global IoT system.


Lagging legacy systems

While Telenor Connexion provided its customers with high quality mobile connectivity on a global level, there was untapped potential in mining data from its global systems for the benefit of the company and its clients. At the time, Telenor Connexion had limited strategic insight into network performance and geographical device distribution, and the decision was made to improve on these systems. The adoption of advanced data analytics would also provide powerful self-service troubleshooting capabilities for clients who previously could not take action on connectivity issues.

Consolidation in one go

Telenor Connexion chose Capgemini because it had evidenced its expertise and experience by implementing a real-time big data platform for the company during a previous engagement. Furthermore, Capgemini’s partnership with Amazon AWS was seen as a big plus along with its proven track record of providing skilled development teams.
Capgemini built the cloud-based Advanced Real-time troubleshooting ToolSet (ARTS), based on the AWS platform. The system provides unique, real-time insights into global mobile networks and all connected devices. ARTS empowers Telenor Connexion’s customers to deliver a better end-user experience, improve their competitive position and increase revenue through its powerful analytics. ARTS is unique to the Internet of Things market. ARTS provides operator level insights with instant identification (alerts) of when and what issues are occurring on any network with actionable information and suggestions for troubleshooting.
The system measures the quality of service on a global level and using high-level analytics, predicts issues in the networks and automatically prescribes solutions. Modern and scalable cloud based technologies within the system allow fast troubleshooting and problem solving while requiring low maintenance and costeffective infrastructure. The technology reduces issue resolution times from taking hours to taking minutes.

Surpassing expectations

Following implementation, Telenor Connexion is able to receive insights from its networks to ensure strategic decisions are made on reliable information when developing new products, sourcing new devices and the like. Clients can also improve their margins where devices are alive and functioning but not bringing in revenue.
ARTS is a differentiator both within Telenor, allowing it improved oversight and improved prediction capability, and externally, with customers benefiting from optimised operations based on insight from ARTS. Furthermore, downtime and costs have been reduced. Telenor Connexion is now in a unique pioneering position for bringing big data analytics to its global customers in a number of industries making the network realm more understandable and predictable. This will further enhance the company’s ability to connect its clients with the Internet of Things – bringing people, places and things together in unprecedented ways.