Upgrade to Oracle Business Intelligence 12c

With a richer user experience and true self-service agile analytics, OBI 12c can help you attain increased user adoption across your organisation, enabling you to analyse your data quicker, and be able to make business critical decisions faster. Upgrading has never been easier with features such as BI Application Archive files and the Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool. These tools simplify the packaging up of your existing 11g dashboards and metadata and provide the means to automate regression testing to prove the upgrade process was successful. Put simply, Oracle’s analytics technology is easier and cheaper to develop, deploy, and run than it was previously.
Additionally, some of the new architecture features are laying the foundation for future private and public cloud integration.

Whether you are using the Oracle analytics software standalone or as part of a packaged Oracle BI Applications deployment, Capgemini can work with you to ensure you can take advantage of the new technology – with basic upgrade projects completing from as little as six weeks.