Messaging as a Service (MaaS)

In today’s complex technological society, diversity and integration have gone hand in hand to push communications and data further and further beyond traditional Data Centre hosting boundaries, where sensitive data would be considered safe and secure. As a consequence, in an attempt to ensure and maintain security, controlling authorities have sought to  impose ever more stringent regulations, resulting in diverse regionalise legislation, controlling access, hosting and sharing
of data – further compounded when aggregated into a complex global recipe of varying legislation. Legacy email and communications systems invariably fall short of modern day flexibility and legislative requirements in many areas. Upgrades are protracted and expensive, and upon completion reality often falls short of expectations. Capgemini have a long and distinguished history of developing and delivering enterprise class messaging and collaboration suites, providing reliable and efficient services to many hundreds of thousands of business users across multiple sectors
throughout the globe. Throughout this time there has been an ongoing evolution of communication requirements and associated standards, as businesses have come to increasingly rely on messaging as a key medium in supporting and maintaining their business and workflow management.