Future Sight podcast series

The secret to scaling Artificial Intelligence

Tune in to our podcast for a glimpse into where AI is today and how far it might take us...

TechnoVision 2021

Balance by Design

Among this time of disruption and discontinuity, ‘Balance by design’ aims to help...

TechnoVision 2021

We Collaborate

It’s time to tap into the phenomenal power of the collaborative Technology Business, even as...

TechnoVision 2021

You Experience

The user experience is at the heart of intimacy between an enterprise and its audience,...

TechnoVision 2021

Thriving on Data

Every Enterprise should now be a Data-powered Enterprise.

TechnoVision 2021

Applications Unleashed

The applications portfolio of a thriving Technology Business is lightweight, easy to connect...

TechnoVision 2021

Invisible Infostructure

The infrastructure part of the IT landscape is a crucial foundation for any organization with...

TechnoVision 2021

Process on the Fly

Thriving on Data , breakthroughs with intelligent automation and a taste of autonomous...

Big firms have a structural problem with innovation…or do they?

Larger firms have expanded their innovation sourcing portfolios: continuing to take advantage...

Future Sight podcast series

Driving sustainability through mobility

Tune in to our podcast for an inside look at the car sharing industry, from the leaders of...

The Sustainability impact of car sharing

Value created for cities, property developers, companies and consumers.

Energy & Utilities

Start with the end in mind

Accelerate the digitisation of your capital projects and asset operations

Renewable Enterprise

Delivering the Renewable Enterprise: Industry trends – Energy & Utilities

This discussion provides listeners an insight into the challenges, opportunities and key...

Capgemini Supply Chain webinar series- Connected Manufacturing

Catch up on our Connected Manufacturing webinar, part of the intelligent supply networks<br...

Customer Experience

Deliver the experience B2B buyers crave

Three key steps to enhance B2B personalisation

Consumer Products & Retail

2020 Holiday Shopping Consumer Survey

Holiday spending slows but shoppers are eager to return to previous shopping trends

Digital procurement research: 2020-2021

The procurement function is ever evolving. The shift continues from a department responsible...


Taking the lead with sustainable transportation

The challenges and opportunities currently faced by commercial vehicle OEMs are significant...

Digital Supply Chain

Capgemini Supply Chain webinar series- Cognitive Control Towers

Catch up on our Cognitive Control Towers webinar, part of the intelligent supply networks...

Future Sight

Mapping the journey to Net-Zero

Net-Zero. Two words being spoken with increasing frequency. But what does Net-Zero mean in...

Life Sciences

The Health Fix – the debate

How the pandemic has transformed views on health and digital health services and what this...

Capgemini's Intelligent Enterprise

Servitisation with SAP S/4HANA®

Satisfied with one-off deals? Or looking to secure a recurring competitive advantage


eGovernment Benchmark Scotland 2020

Measuring the realisation of Scotland’s digital public service potential

Brochure: Connected Support

Personalized support when, where, and how you need it.

Future Sight podcast series

Tomorrow just arrived – accelerating transformation in retail

Listen to our podcast exploring the future of retail, and the blend of physical and digital


Agency Sales Model

Faced with pressure from competitors, financial and structural challenges, all accentuated by...


Re-invent the Customer Experience with 5G

How Telco Operators and industry players can leverage new network capabilities to enable new...

Media and Entertainment

OTT Streaming Wars: Raise or Fold

With OTT services, the media and entertainment industry has truly entered the age of data.

Consumer Products and Retail

2020 Holiday Shopping Research

Uncover this season’s trends


Salesforce recognitions

Awards for Capgemini, rewards for your business


World Quality Report 20-21: UK

There are clear signs of progress in the UK in agile, DevOps, test automation, and more – and...

LifeSciencesPath: Accelerating the SAP journey

LifeSciencesPath enables life sciences companies to streamline operations, providing greater...

Climate Change

Key Climate Change and Energy Transition Takeaways

The share of renewables is growing—and reliability becomes a concern

Climate Change and Sustainability

How the energy sector is helping private and public organizations to achieve climate change...

World Energy Markets Observatory: Energy Transition

How Li-ion batteries and grid modernization can accelerate energy players’ transformation...

World Energy Markets Observatory: Transformation

Recasting the transformation agenda to enable growth and advance energy transition efforts in...

Making carbon neutrality a reality

Six energy industry recommendations for creating a more sustainable and resilient world from...

Energy and geopolitics are strongly intertwined

This trend of de-globalization has been amplified by the COVID-19 crisis.

Creating a better normal

By 2030, 70% of transport fuel will still be petroleum based despite ambitious e-mobility...

cloud infrastructure services

Windows Virtual Desktop: Now More Relevant than Ever

We need connectedness now more than ever. Tune in to this interesting conversation around...

Get The Future You Want

A new brand promise that captures the spirit of Capgemini

Application Services

Drive innovation with disruptive business models

ADMnext can help bring tangible, lasting innovation and improvements to your application...

Application Services

Exploit and support the latest technologies and platforms

ADMnext can deliver rich programs of transformation, automation, DevOps adoption, and...

Application Services

Align with your industry and business requirements

ADMnext can power continuous and comprehensive transformation and growth, so you stay on top...

Application Services

Optimise and secure the estate

ADMnext can help drive efficiency, and resiliency throughout your organisation as a whole.

Application Services

Accelerate future change

ADMnext can assist in improving productivity and competitiveness with structured innovation...

Application Services

Power efficiency, continuous improvement, and cost reduction

ADMnext can help lower application maintenance costs, manage a complicated landscape, and...

cloud infrastructure services

Brochure: Connected Employee Experience

Great experiences deliver great business results.

Insights and Data

Capgemini named as a leader in IDC MarketScape 2020

Capgemini is proud to be named as a leader in IDC MarketScape vendor assessment for Business...

cloud infrastructure services

Brochure: Connected Workspace

Your apps and data, your way.

Monetising Vehicle Data:

Our recent Connected Vehicle Trend Radar report confirmed that vehicle data monetisation is...

World Payments Report 2020

This 16th edition highlights the need for payment firms to rapidly prioritise technology...

Tuesday 13th October 1630-1800

An outstanding opportunity to learn more about Capgemini Invent’s Graduate Accelerate...


Securing Enterprise IoT from Vulnerabilities and Breaches

Intel and Capgemini have combined their security expertise to deliver an end-to-end IoT...

Capgemini Invent – IDE Webinar 2020 – September 29th

An outstanding opportunity to learn more about Capgemini Invent’s Graduate Accelerate...


Public Goes AI – Point of View

Discover all about how Capgemini envisions AI’s potential for the Public Sector.


Capgemini’s Horizon program for SAP Commerce Cloud

How to seamlessly move your on-premise ecommerce solution to SAP Commerce Cloud


Managing the Content eXplosion

Creating and delivering relevant and timely content to drive meaningful engagement and...

Frequently Asked Questions

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Support Structure

Throughout your time on the Accelerate Programme there is a robust support system in place,...


eGovernment Benchmark 2020

eGovernment that works for the people

Graduate Careers Q&A – October 9th

Recruitment Q&A, 9th October 16:00, Hear more about our upcoming Graduate Careers –...

Big Data – October 8th

Understanding Big Data 8th October 14:00, Hear more about Graduate Careers working with Big...

Understanding AI – October 7th

Understanding AI 7th October 14:00, Hear more about Graduate Careers working with AI –...

Future Technology – October 6th

Future of Tech 6th October 17:00, Hear from Capgemini Invent Graduates as we discuss roles...

What is Cloud Services? – October 5th

What is Cloud Services 5th October 14:00, Hear about the world of Cloud Services and what a...


Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for IT Services for CSPs, Worldwide

Capgemini is pleased to be positioned as a Leader in Gartner 2020 “Magic Quadrant for IT...

The path to next-generation KYC-as-a-Service solutions

Gain insights into new and evolving strategies for financial institutions to perform Know...

Agile Leadership

Building on the Capgemini Research “Agile at Scale – four ways to gain enterprise-wide...