OCI Migrations

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Capgemini’s Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Team helps our customers maximise the value of their Oracle investments. Whether Oracle is central to your strategy, considered legacy, or simply a component part of the bigger picture, our mission is to unlock value and innovation.

The case summary on this page highlights three of the six customers we migrated to Oracle Cloud infrastructure in 2020, calling out the challenges they faced and the benefits we unlocked.

The highlighted customers faced a variety of challenges, such as data centre exit, aging legacy operating systems, aging core technology and outdated operating models. Some customers were running Oracle tier-1 applications, others third party applications and others custom applications. All the customers have multiple technology and cloud vendors in their ecosystem. As a global partner of all the leading vendors, Capgemini has the skills and experience to deliver in such diverse environments.

Download the case summary to learn more, and for details of how to contact our UK Oracle experts.

OCI Migrations 2020

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