Monthly Technology Brief – April 2012

Clouds, Mobility and Big Data Together  Create a Revolution in Business Capabilities

We are increasingly hearing the term ‘True Cloud’ to denote the use of a cloud and associated technologies to deliver ‘services’ rather than applications in a non client-server architecture. ‘True Cloud’ deployments are used to support new type of business requirements that existing enterprise IT simply can’t deliver. And are associated with new innovative business models and practices, such as:  ‘digital transformation’ as Capgemini Consulting calls it. Such deployments are hard to visualize for many IT professionals and many will associate any example with a retail market.

This month the technology brief provides a Business to Business example in some detail, as well as the normal round up of industry announcements. It is worth pointing out the following:

1) the number of new product announcements is increasing month by month

2) that these announcements are mostly around Cloud, Mobility, Big Data and Social Tools

3) the first official preview of the new Microsoft Windows 8 was given not at a PC or IT event but at the World Mobile Congress on Smart Phones and Tablets.