Driving sustainability through mobility

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Tune in to our podcast for an inside look at the car sharing industry, from the leaders of Volvo Car Mobility

When the team at Volvo Car Mobility set out to create a city-wide car sharing service, they started with a blank slate. They first considered the factors that would lead to maximum value for customers, community and sustainability, and went on to research just how far-reaching the effects of car sharing might be.

Join Bodil Eriksson and Steinar Danielsen of Volvo Car Mobility, and Per Holmblad and Rebecca Johansson from Capgemini Invent as they discuss with show host Ollie Judge, the best way to build a car sharing system. And, explore the benefits of car sharing – both direct and indirect.

For individuals, high on the list are savings, and the increase in mobility for people who cannot, or choose not to, purchase a car. Cities benefit most from a reduction in congestion and parking spaces. There are unexpected benefits too, from parks and water usage to public transportation.

However, questions remain about usability. What do customers value most? How can the user’s journey be made as simple as possible? Listen to our guests as they examine how a car-sharing product changed the way Stockholm was able to think about the space in their city and what the future of sustainability may look like.

About the speakers

Bodil Eriksson

Bodil Eriksson is the CEO of Volvo Car Mobility and Leader of M, a global standalone brand from Volvo Cars. M is dedicated to enabling more people to move freely, meaningfully, and sustainably. Prior to Volvo Car Mobility, Bodil led the re-emergence of the Volvo Cars brand in the U.S. market, helping to establish the brand as a premium player and increase both awareness and sales.


Steinar Danielsen

Steinar Danielsen is Sustainability Lead at Volvo Cars affiliate ‘Volvo Cars Mobility – M. For the last two years with M, Steinar has been enabling more people to move freely and sustainably. At the forefront of digital innovation and transformation, he is a strong believer in the strategic power of design to solve complex social and business problems.


Per Holmblad

Per Holmblad is Vice President of Automotive, at Capgemini Invent in Sweden and Finland. He has extensive experience from having worked with the transformation of the automotive industry from product-centric to customer-and experience-centric. Per’s focus has included digital business model establishment, new brand start-ups, direct-to-consumer sales and sales channel transformation.


Rebecca Johansson

Rebecca Johansson is a Manager within the Brand & Experience team at Capgemini Invent Sweden & Finland. Rebecca is part of the team developing the sustainability offer within Capgemini Invent in Sweden and Finland and her main focus has been strategic analysis and development for digital transformation projects.


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