DevSecOps – Agile security in a world of fast digital

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Find out how you should approach DevSecOps within your organisation

In today’s digitally enabled world, organisations are constantly evolving their products and services to maintain a competitive advantage with the customer. Cloud Computing and software development practices such as DevOps enable organisations to achieve high levels of agility, but often do so at the expense of security. Traditional Security practices are failing to evolve at the same rate, and this has resulted in a number of high-profile organisations fall foul to cyber-attacks. However, if done correct, DevSecOps offers a solution to this problem.

Join two DevSecOps experts from Capgemini Invent and Secure Code Warrior, as they discuss what DevSecOps means to them, where the business driver for DevSecOps comes from, how you should approach DevSecOps within your organisation and the likely challenges you may come across on that journey. With host Dan Harrison, Cap Invent; Mattias Madou, CTO Secure Code Warrior and Kay Ng, Cap Invent.