NHS 24 is the national provider of health advice and information services to the population of Scotland, including the provision of 111 services. Their call centre receives 1.8m calls annually and over 8,000 calls a day at peak. As part of their “Strategic Frontline Application Programme” (SFLA), they contracted Capgemini to replace the core CRM applications, as well as the clinical decision support system as part of their plan to deliver better service to the citizens and patients of Scotland.


Capgemini team worked alongside NHS 24 to advise them on their IT strategy relevant to this programme and provide architectural design and development of the platform working with our technology partners. The developed platform had to be implemented, tested and integrated with other clinical and non-clinical systems. In addition Capgemini team supported overall project management.


A number of benefits expected using this platform:

  • The multichannel communication massively improves access to service
  • Ease of use and seamless service
  • Reduce time waste allowing near real-time coordinated care
  • Better disposition via integrating maps and location services in the triage platform
  • The platform acts as an innovation hub for the wider NHS for future improvements and further development