Delivering a world-class analytics platform

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We created one central IT platform capable of handling a wealth of data – and placed insights at the heart of operations.

Our client’s IT infrastructure certainly wasn’t streamlined. Or leading-edge. Multiple data warehouses, complex models and tens of thousands of MI reports needed to be combined onto one central data platform and there were none of the advanced technologies essential to placing data and insights at the heart of the organisation. An all-embracing solution was called for.

The situation

Our client’s technology estate had grown organically. The result? Complex, expensive, unreliable legacy systems. The existing infrastructure couldn’t support the new technologies needed to analyse big data sets and generate deep insights. And without advanced analytics, our client would struggle to work out how to operate more efficiently and save money.

The solution

Working closely with the organisation’s CTO, we came up with an end-to-end strategy that gave our client a world-class analytics capability. Our solution consolidated the IT infrastructure in a way that optimised data for analytics. It incorporated innovative technologies that could efficiently process large datasets and used open source tools to drive down costs. The data analytics services included:

  • Fraud detection, risking and compliance – to reduce losses due to fraud
  • Operational reporting – monitoring business performance in real time to increase productivity
  • Digital enablement – aligning with the digital strategy and improving the customer experience
  • Customer analytics – to analyse risks in real time
  • Workforce analytics – to increase productivity.

The result

  • A successful migration
    We successfully moved multiple data warehouses, complex models and tens of thousands of MI reports onto one, central data platform.
  • A reduction in fraud and an increase in productivity
    Thanks to real-time, in-transaction risking capability using open source technologies.
  • Quicker identification of potential fraud
    We made it possible to carry out a text search on customer submissions – including text mining, tagging and search on large, unstructured data sets – to identify fraudulent behaviour.
  • A more streamlined customer experience 
    By introducing an online tracking service, which reduced the number of contact centre queries and emails, we enhanced the customer journey.
  • A shortlist of appropriate applications
    After investigating our client’s needs and assessing leading-edge tools, we identified a shortlist of the most suitable proprietary and open source applications.

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