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Ensuring Omnichannel, hyper-personalised and immersive customer experience

Today, customers are hyperconnected and have a wide range of needs, preferences and choices. They want their brands to provide meaningful and personal interactions with contextual messages at the right time. Customer communities act as influencers to recommend and influence buying decisions. In order to gain competitive advantage, organisations must build an accurate understanding of customer behavior and demands and put customers at the forefront of their business strategy.

Customers are hyperconnected and have superpowers.

Capgemini’s Customer Data Hub has the answer

Customer Data Hub (CDH) collects data from diverse systems across the customer journey to enable personalised customer experience across channels. The hub integrates customer data and brand interactions originating from internal and external sources across structured (personal and transactional data), semi-structured (IoT, XML) or unstructured form (images, mail, conversations). The hub leverages Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Azure Synapse Analytics to orchestrate, store, enhance and distribute data through the Common Data Model.

The hub uses data to train and activate artificial intelligence engine with Azure Machine Learning which, through API, addresses many use cases (i.e. recommendations, targeting, churn reduction, price optimisation) and creates a totally immersive and personalised experience.

CDH works as the main point of access to the clients’ data for all systems, to handle and optimise operations, offer a productive and effective service, maximise sales and monitor effectiveness. CDH governs the operations through a control panel developed with Microsoft Power Platform and Azure services, fully addressing ethic topics associated with artificial intelligence. CDH helps you:

  • Capture and structure relevant customer data to build a unified customer profile.
  • Analyse customer data and derive actionable insights.
  • Act, measure and optimise experience via data-driven customer platform.

Value proposition: A modular approach for CDH

Build unified, trusted, and actionable customer data

Create a 360° view of your customer and unlock rich, actionable insights in real time

Deliver a truly data-driven and personal customer experience

Selected use cases

Targeting accuracy and campaign recommendation: Monitor past and current marketing campaigns to spot the most effective ones as well as the targets to they were applied.

Churn prediction: Identify which of your customers are at risk of churn.

Lifetime value calculation: Easily identify customers with the highest and lowest lifetime value to address them with relevant offers.

Lead scoring and prioritisation: Score and prioritise prospects and leads for your sales and customer service teams.

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