How can retailers ensure that relevance and personalisation remain at the top of their to do list; while also maximising margins? And how can retailers provide relevance and personalisation in real-time, ensuring they can capitalise on all opportunities? By leveraging the value locked inside the enormous amount of data now available in your systems and applying it to their decision processes in an agile and responsive way. HPE and Capgemini understand the retail industry and today’s IT trends. Capgemini’s Extreme Apps for Retail combined with Hewlett Packard Enterprise ConvergedSystems provides a strong solution to the issues retailers face today. This portfolio of applications provides real-time actionable insights, bridging the gap between transactional and analytical processes to enable more intelligent enterprises. It enables high-resolution analytics and agility offering comprehensive, precise details into all forms of relevant data. Enabling you to ask whatever question you want. Learn more about the benefits of Capgemini’s Extreme Apps for Retail combined with HPE ConvergedSystems in this video.