Capgemini UK Gender Pay Gap

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We aim to be a diverse and inclusive organisation where everybody feels valued, included and empowered

Creating a truly inclusive culture remains high on the agenda at Capgemini, with gender equality a key, Executive Board-led priority. 2019 saw us named a Times Top 50 Employer for Women for the third consecutive year, while EDGE – the leading global assessment methodology and business standard on gender equality in the workplace – recognised our progress by certifying Capgemini UK as Level Two (EDGE Move), a leap up from achieving Level One (EDGE Assess) in 2017. In EDGE’s analysis, we were particularly pleased to see progress around employee perceptions, narrowing the experience gap for men and women around career opportunities and work life balance.

In 2019, we have seen an improvement in our mean hourly and bonus pay gap and increase in our median hourly and bonus pay gap, since first officially reporting our gender pay gap in 2017.

We recognise that operating in the IT industry where there has long been a gender imbalance, it will take time to create long-term, sustainable change.

We are continuing to see positive progress in our inclusive culture. From a gender equality perspective alone, since our 2018 report, we have improved gender balance at all levels of the organisation, seen a 7.3%-point increase in hiring women and improved retention of our female talent – closing the gap with male talent attrition. Furthermore, men and women continue to be equally represented on our Capgemini UK PLC Board of Directors.

We remain committed to closing the gender pay gap though our programme of actions while continuing to embed respect and inclusion at the very heart of our organisation.

Gender Pay Gap 2019-20

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Gender Pay Gap 2018-19

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