Capgemini is a Global Leader in Digital Services for Manufacturing

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Avasant identified Capgemini as one of the leaders amongst 30 top-tier service providers

The leading advisory firm Avasant identified Capgemini as one of the leaders amongst 30 top-tier service providers evaluated in their report Manufacturing Digital Services 2020 2021 RadarViewTM

Identifying top-tier global service providers supporting the manufacturing industry in digital transformation, Avasant highlighted Capgemini’s ability to differentiate itself through leverage of emerging digital technologies for outcome driven solutions and helping clients become more nimble and closer to their customers. It also noted Capgemini’s continuous investment in next-gen technologies such as Digital Twin (smart engineering), 5G (fuelling IoT and edge computing) and evaluating potential use cases for sub-industries within manufacturing through digital convergence.

The Manufacturing Digital Services 2020 2021 RadarViewTM Report provides information to assist enterprises in charting out their action plan for digital transformation and identifies key global service providers and system integrators that can expedite their transformation journey.

The report highlights key market trends and offers Avasant’s view of the road ahead for the manufacturing. Some recommendations include:

  • Accelerate transformation to smart manufacturing for remote accessibility and cost reduction
  • Digitalise supply chain for improving visibility and effective warehouse management
  • Prioritise customer demands and reimagine the overall experience
  • Focus on employee safety and training/upskilling
  • Evaluate organisational restructuring and strategic alliances

The report highlights Capgemini’s expertise in delivering high value to clients by expanding its digital capabilities through acquisitions and strategic partnerships with a strong focus on product designing, production, and supply chain. Other highlights are:

Practice Maturity
Capgemini is leveraging its global alliances with leading technology providers to implement digital projects. Through a data-driven approach and augmentation of advanced digital technologies, Capgemini has developed customised industry-specific solutions for implementing outcome-driven solutions and assisting the clients in becoming nimbler and closer to customers.

Investments and Innovation
For accelerating Industry 4.0 transformation across the manufacturing industry, Capgemini has built industry specific solutions for digital manufacturing, predictive performance, and digital supply chain. It is continuously investing in next gen technologies and has built a network of global manufacturing labs.

A key enabler of realising Capgemini’s Intelligent Industry vision, our comprehensive digital manufacturing solutions help global companies to unlock the true potential of their product portfolios and manufacturing efficiencies by harnessing the power of data to foster innovation, create new customer experiences and deliver new sources of value.

“As digital and business transformation is a top priority for manufacturers, the role of the service provider has evolved beyond cost optimisation to that of strategic partner and growth promoter. Capgemini, combines its expertise in disruptive technologies such as Digital Twin, IoT, 5G, AI, Robotics and Automation and is well positioned to address our clients’ digital adoption needs of today and tomorrow.” – Vamshi Rachakonda, VP and GTM Lead for Manufacturing in North America.