Transavia’s AirSuite project was the program to align Transavia in the Netherlands and France, their processes and various systems. The NetSuite implementation includes general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and revenue recognition.

Transavia takes off with Netsuite OneWorld delivered by Capgemini

NetSuite OneWorld is used in the Dutch office of Transavia and has replaced a legacy system based on IBM AS 400, the French office has replaced Infor with NetSuite OneWorld. Transavia has deployed the NetSuite solution for its business-critical applications throughout Europe, including finance, financial consolidation, multi-subsidiary management, invoicing, asset management, revenue recognition, procure-to-pay and reporting, and support for multiple languages (English, Dutch and French), multiple currencies and tax compliance for multiple countries.

The Situation

The world of Transavia is facing challenges like never before. On one hand, there’s fierce competition, demanding passengers, rapid technological changes. On the other, Transavia Netherlands and Transavia France are struggling with slow-moving systems, in the finance environment. These systems are at the end of their life causing inefficiencies, and hindering synergies. Time has come to merge and transform the financial systems of Netherlands and France into a singular robust solution.

The Solution

Capgemini won the confidence of Transvia management and was entrusted to help address short- and long-term objectives. Capgemini deployed NetSuite OneWorld within twelve months. The solution was the first of its kind in the Netherlands of this size and for Capgemini, and well received by Transavia. Not only NetSuite OneWorld was implemented but also Airpas (for direct operating cost) and Adaptive (for reporting). It was also the first time Tibco was used in combination with NetSuite.

Long-term goals included aligning Transavia’s financial reporting to regulatory and international accounting standards like IFRS and French GAAP. Capgemini acted as program manager to help Transavia drive financial control aspects of the AirSuite program. The solution included workshops to scope financial accounting systems and processes.

NetSuite OneWorld was selected as an appropriate cloud ERP platform with modules including general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and revenue recognition. Systems from Airpas and Adaptive were also deployed.

The Result

In the first week of January 2017 Transavia went live with NetSuite with 160 users in 2 countries. During the project Transavia phased out more than 15 applications. Capgemini handed over NetSuite for increased productivity, faster month-end-close and a solid base for future synergies.

In these two years, Transavia transformed itself into a dynamic company with record profits. The NetSuite implementation was intended to re-establish a firm financial foundation for Transaiva to build a strategy of lasting profitable growth.

In conjunction, Transavia’s teamlead financial controlling posted the company’s first 2nd day closing of the books in it’s company history. A major milestone and very ambitious. These were direct benefits of the NetSuite implementation. It enabled Transvia to turn the corner and move decisively towards establishing itself as a world-class, competitive and profitable airline company.