Building an insight-driven analytics organisation

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A global consumer goods company set out an ambitious plan to deliver meaningful relationships with its consumers. To do this it needed to fundamentally change the way it gathered and used consumer insights.

We approached the problem by demonstrating through proof of concepts the different types of value that the approach could create and then scale to a global programme to embed data and insight into global, regional and market decision-making.

The solution

Proof of concept

We worked with our client to deliver an initial proof of concept for a Consumer Insight Centre.

  • Meeting with brand managers to understand their key business needs and how the use of insights could improve decision making
  • Designing analytics solutions to fulfil the brand’s objectives. For example, dashboards to show consumer reaction to a new product launch in real time and allow media and PR to optimise messaging
  • Setting up a physical space and team of ‘storytellers’ and data scientists to provide analytics and insights services
  • Implementing and iterating the solution by combining multiple data sources (social, search, operational, external and big data) and using advanced and innovative analytical approaches and tools

Setting up

Once the value had been proved the team created a ‘run state’ operating model to provide services to the UK and India, stimulating demand for insight and delivering the capabilities and tools needed to create innovative analytical services. This was supported by a set of guidelines, funding models, training materials and a service catalogue to allow brands to easily access the services.
Scaling up

The project’s success created significant demand and the need to scale up to provide services globally. We did this by growing our client’s in-house talent pool and transitioning from an outsourced to an in-house function, expanding to provide a global network of Consumer Insight Centres for additional markets and brands with centralised delivery across three hubs (London, Singapore and Mumbai) and small delivery teams around the globe.
The result

Our client can now listen to, analyse and engage with consumers as never before, moving from mass marketing towards customisation at scale in just two years. Brands can personalise their messaging and build a bigger, more loyal consumer base. We achieved 125% increase in campaign performance and over 70 million euros of research agency savings in the first year. Our client is now expanding from marketing to other business functions to drive operational, strategic and planning decisions, providing real business benefits.

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